Dogtown articles

When men were made of iron, Boards were made of wood and wheels were made of stell. Dogtown article 2, part 2.

C’è una corrente di pensiero in giro che auspica un ritorno alle origini dello skateboard.

Una giornata alla torre di vetro nero. Dogtown article 2 part. 1

SkateBoarder Magazine Vol. 2, No.5 June, 1976 By John Smythe

Aspects of Downhill slide. Part 2

SkateBoarder Magazine Vol. 2, No. 2 Autunno 1975 By Carlos Izan

Aspects of the downhill slide. Part 1

“Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the minds of 11 year olds that could see that potential.” C.R. Stecyk

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